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Release date - APRIL 15, 2022


TESLA RHAPSODY, a new ground-breaking composition for piano and orchestra by award-winning pianist and composer Marina Arsenijevic pays tribute to famed scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.


Tesla Rhapsody is composed for solo piano and symphony orchestra combining elements of classical music, folklore, jazz & blues. It is a multilayered rhapsodic piano structure with distinguished melodies interwoven from Tesla’s heritage. The beginning is inspired by Byzantine chants and church bells reflecting the sounds of his childhood. This is augmented with elements of styled folklore from Tesla’s homeland. Since Tesla lived most of his adult life in New York City, Tesla Rhapsody uses elements of jazz and blues with bitonal and bimodal episodes to reflect his busy and highly productive New York life. The piano texture is distinguished by “hidden” melodies in inner parts, dense polyphony, broken chords in open positions, and frequent pedals which contribute toward the static or ambivalent feel of the harmony. Tesla Rhapsody concludes in a heroic crescendo reflecting the impact of the genius of Tesla on the world.

Tesla Rhapsody - for Piano and Orchestra

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