MARCH 1 2017

Pocket Protechtours

Marina interviews for Pocket Protechtours: "Marina Arsenijevic- Music Composition"



Standing Ovation for Marina's Performance

Marina was honored to be chosen to open 10th Anniversary of the International Literary Peace Award Ceremony in Dayton, OH on November 1st. It was also 20th anniversary of the historic Peace Agreement, when leaders (...)


OCTOBER 7 2015

Literary Peace Prize Award

Marina will open 2015 International Literary Peace Prize Award Ceremony on November 1st at Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center in Dayton, Ohio . This year is also the 20 year anniversary of the Dayton Accords reached at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, that put an end to the 3 1/2 year long Bosnia War in Marina’s home country of former Yugoslavia.


Marina at West Point 

We have great news! American Public Television has extended the broadcast through 2017 of Marina’s PBS program “MARINA AT WEST POINT: UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY”. Check your local PBS stations for air-times.  The program has already enjoyed more than 400 broadcasts.


JUNE 1 2015

Golden Pin Award

Marina has been awarded “Golden Pin” by the Cultural and Educational Institution in Serbia for 2015 under the auspices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. She has been awarded for her unconditional, devoted and long standing contributions to Serbian Culture. The Award was presented to her on May 22nd at National Theater in Belgrade. Marina’s parents accepted award on her behalf.

APRIL 21 2015

Marina about Tesla 

Marina interviews in the Serbian Press about Tesla.



SAI Honorary Member

Marina is honored and an Honorary Member for the SAI Music International Group. 

JANUARY 13 2015

Tesla Spirit Award

The Tesla spirituality award went to the Serbian Orthodox church in New York and Marina Arsenijevic, a renowned pianist and composer of Serbian descent, for the music for the documentary titled Tower to the People (...)




OCTOBER 7 2014

Standing Ovation for Tesla Film and Marina

In the historic New Yorker Hotel where Nikola Tesla lived, “TOWER TO THE PEOPLE-Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues” premiered Saturday night in the Grand Ballroom, where the genius inventor held his annual birthday press conferences. The feature documentary by Joseph Sikorski (...)


Tesla Film World Premier

World Premiere Screening of Tower to the People - Tesla's dream at Wardenclyffe Continues. Featuring the music of Emmy-Nominated Pianist and Composer Marina Arsenijevic. One night only - New Yorker Hotel. 


AUGUST 31 2014

Marina returns to Westpoint

Marina returns to Westpoint for a concert of Music Under the Stars!

MAY 29 2014

Bloomfield Hills musician honored

Marina Arsenijevic came to America at 27 with two suitcases and a master's degree (...)

MAY 13 2014

Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Marina Arsenijevic, internationally renowned, award-winning pianist and composer received the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award presented by The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) to Americans who have made it their mission to share with those less fortunate their wealth of knowledge, indomitable courage, boundless compassion, unique talents and selfless generosity; all while maintaining the traditions of their ethnic heritage (...)


MAY 12 2014

Top 40 Charts - Ellis Island Award

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ United World Ventures) Marina Arsenijevic, internationally renowned, award-winning pianist and composer received the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award presented by The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) to Americans who have (...)


MAY 10 2012

Benefit at The Community House

BIRMINGHAM — Pianist Marina Arsenijevic has lived a fascinating life filled with tragedy, triumph, and most of all, an exceptional musical talent. On May 14, the world-renowned artist will share her story and her tremendous gift at a concert performance to benefit The Community House (...)


MAY 12 2012

Benefit Concert

Benefit concert by international pianist/composer Marina ArsenijevicWednesday, May 9, 2012 2:11 AM EDTBirmingham — The Senior Men’s Club is inviting the public to attend a concert performance by pianist and composer Marina Arsenijevic on May 14.The program will include Marina’s own stirring arrangements of “Rhapsody in Blue” and “America the Beautiful” in addition to popular classical tunes and Marina’s dramatic original compositions in a unique multimedia presentation (...)

APRIL 13 2012

Detroit Performs Review

Marina’s Piano Journey
April 11, 2012 By dpdave 1 Comment

When Yugoslavia-born pianist Marina Arsenijevic performs, her harrowing journey to U.S. citizenship is evident in the emotion and depth of her playing. You can witness her artistry as The Senior Men’s Club of The Community House in Birmingham (380 South Bates St.) presents Ms. Arsenijevic in concert on May 14th at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 6:30pm). All proceeds from the concert will benefit The Community House and The Senior Men’s Cub Legacy Endowment Fund.

The program will include Marina’s own stirring arrangements of “Rhapsody in Blue” and “America the Beautiful” in addition to popular classical tunes (...)


MAY 3 2011

Academy of the Sacred Heart Leaders of Conscience Concert

So how did international award winning concert pianist, composer and beauty Marina Arsenijevic land in Bloomfield Hills when she immigrated from her war torn Yugoslavia in 1999? “I came to Michigan because one of my bipartisan Congressional (immigration) co-sponsors was Congressman Joe Knollenberg. The other representative was from Chicago. I liked (...)

APRIL 6 2011

Acclaimed pianist composes life story before students

BLOOMFIELD HILLS — Whether it’s through Chopin, Freddie Mercury or her own compositions, Marina Arsenijevic knows how to use the piano as her weapon.

It’s won her peace, success, and most importantly, freedom.

Before all that, however, it had to win over her parents, who had a different career path in mind for their only daughter (...)



OCTOBER 10 2010

Downtown Faces Publication

Downtown” monthly magazine in MI has published a story about Marina in their premier October issue.

OCTOBER 5 2010

StyleLine Magazine

Marina is featured as a Style Icon in StyleLine Magazine, September issue



West Point Band to Record PBS Special

Featuring Marina, a world-class award winning concert pianist and musical superstar in Central and Eastern Europe, the West Point Band and the Cadet Glee Club will present a musical celebration of America's strength through (...)

JULY 08 2008

Assembly Magazine - Marina at Westpoint

OCTOBER 27 2007

Gloria Magazine

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JANUARY 30 2007

It's All in the Keys



APRIL 04 2004

Playing for Peace

Hillie Mahoney had tears in her eyes. Mila Mluroney was filled with pride. Several dozen Palm Beachers clustered around, transfixed as Marina Arsenijevic gave her all at the Baldwin baby grand in John and Andrea Stark’s living room Tuesday.
The opulent home offered an unusual setting for a concert. Not so long ago, Marina’s recitals in Yugoslavia were punctuated by exploding bombs, as civil was ripped her country. Now she is on a mission with Crown Princess Katherine to raise money for relief.
Belgrade-born Arsenijevic, 34, has been playing since childhood. She also sings and composes. In her couture miniskirt and high heels, she brings certain sexiness to the keyboard….and passion.
“This is my national anthem,” she said, and as she played her composition Kosovo, the piano at times seemed to leap. No wonder she has been described as the “Balkan thunderbolt”

– Thom Smith for The Palm Beach Post

The Palm Beach Post, Sunday, April4,2004

FEBRUARY 18 2004


“Marina Arsenijevic is a pianist of extraordinary ability, which has been demonstrated by sustained international acclaim”

-Thomas F. Lee, President, American Federation of Musicians, New York City

DECENBER 30 2003

Marina Like Liberace

“Before Madonna, Bono and other one-named luminaries, there was the pianist and entertainer Liberace, whose flamboyant style on and off the ivories won him international acclaim. A young pianist/composer/arranger and operatically trained singer may soon join the short list of celebrities who need no introduction. Known simply as Marina, this Yugoslavian mega-talent is now on a national tour, receiving standing ovations in packed concert halls and critical kudos.”

-Susan Viebrock, Telluride Daily Planet

NOVEMBER 14 2003



“She looks like a Bond beauty and sounds like a Balkan thunderbolt – a pianist whose first-rate technical chops don’t sterilize the emotional punch. Newly settled in the area after making her name in Europe, the Belgrade-born Arsenijevic delivers her debut Detroit performance with familiar classical pieces and pop standards. ”

Detroit Free Press



“Marina’s exotic image and the ripped-from-the-headlines aspects of her story are unusual on their own, and her actual music is likewise distinctive.”

-Jim Manheim All Music Guide

AUGUST 15 2003

Music Aims for Peace, Healing

One of Southfield’s newest residents hopes her musical performances will enrapture American audiences the same way they did in Europe.

Marina Arsenijevic is a classically trained pianist and composer who has a rare combination of beauty, intellect, political awareness and musical creativity. The Serbian left her homeland in the former Yugoslavia four years ago. Earlier this year, she moved to Southfield, to live closer to a “mother-like” friend and other fellow Serbs who (...)

MARCH 20 2003


“Dashing Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia…led the standing ovation at Carnegie Hall for crossover pianist Marina Arsenijevic…Her energy, passion, and astonishing range moved flawlessly from the Baroque through the contemporary, transforming and blending musical genres and styles.”

-R. Couri Hay, Gotham Magazine

JANUARY 13 2003

The New York Sun

“Pianist Richard Nanes, whose original compositions were heard on President Clinton’s Air Force One and who records with the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic, was delightfully impressed with Marina’s playing. “She has a powerhouse technique with lots of energy,” he said.”

-Gary Shapiro “Out of Serbia, Entertaining Carnegie Hall”


JUNE 09 2002

Universal Soul

Internationally known pianist brings her music to America

“She is absolutely mesmerizing” said Carol Masroianni, managing director of Stagecrafters in Royal Oak..” She is one of those musicians who is channeling the music through her. When she plays, she and the piano are one.”

Daily Tribune, MI

DECEMBER 22 2001

World Class Performance

The Fourth of July celebrations started on Friday, June 30, in the National Library (Michigan) with the world class performance by a concert pianist, Marina Arsenijevic. Her electrifying performance kept the audience in suspense. She started program with her interpretation of ‘America the Beautiful’ and then continued with the music of Chopin. The selections she performed were dynamic, full of emotions that Marina was able to convey to the public through her own unique interpretation and amazing technique.

“Main Street Journal” – Detroit, Michigan

DECEMBER 22 2001


I was blown away. Tremendous performance, very moving, and technically brilliant as well. These two in combination were fantastic. The cleverness of putting together a patently very beautifully constructed classical treatment of folk songs that really touches you deep inside. Very clever idea . . . I was really moved.

Richard Myers, Executive Creative Director Worldwide & Chairman of European Creative Board , Saatchi & Saatchi – London

DECEMBER 22 2001


When I met her in Paris, I discovered that behind the cunning facade hides a Balkan sensuality filled with that typical Slavic agility in career and love that makes us so successfully tragic characters. Her CD “My Balkan Soul” is a beautiful expression of love towards the vibrations of the country, the land where she was born as well as towards the piano that is a part of her life since she was seven years old.

Georgi Tosev, Bulgarian magazine ‘Egoist’

DECEMBER 22 2001


Very dynamic and very vivid and I was really charmed by this concert. I thought that both music and performance were magnificent and that Marina is delightful.

Bob Garfield, editor at large, Advertising Age Magazine – Washington D.C.

DECEMBER 22 2001


Those who position her as a beloved child of classical music will make a big mistake. I wouldn’t even compare her art with the most popular jazz pianists, who treat the piano as a percussion instrument with an irreplaceable accent on the rhythm. According to her music education and degree Marina is a classical piano player, under her fingers the piano can sound with a clear tone of period of classicism, but it can take us into the world of impressionists, as well as the turbulent sounds of cascades of Liszt’s paraphrases and fantasies. In the same time she is taking us into a different style and genre…. it seams to me that Marina wants to take us into an aristocratic atmosphere, to take us from a teenager’s adoration for rock starts and their gatherings on festivals and stadiums.

Prof. Veselin Krstev, Musicologist, Sofia



AUGUST 11, 2021

Take the Lead

Take the Lead to Host Women's Equality Day “Put Women at the Center of the Recovery” Benefit Concert

AUGUST 9, 2021

Take The Lead’s Women Equality Day Fundraiser

Emmy-nominated concert pianist and composer Marina Arsenijevic to headline virtual celebration and fundraiser on August 26th

JULY 28, 2021

Global Star Pianist, Composer Marina Arsenijevic Shines On Women’s Equality Day

MAY 21, 2021


As a 2014 recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Island, Marina interviews to update on her activities promoting peace and unity and to discuss her new release "Isle of Hope."

APRIL, 2021

Lepa i Srecna

Marina interviews for Lepa i Srecna magazine about this that and the other things.

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Концерт на поклон
Србима и Американцима


The Detroit

his Serbian-born pianist, composer and singer has won awards for her musical talent and artistry, and also for her other passion: uniting people. She's been named a Knight of St. Sava's Pacifism, her home country's highest diplomatic honor and a form of knighthood for humanitarian work. 


OCTOBER 14, 2020

What's on Phoenix FM

Marina interviews with Paul Golder from What's On Phoenix FM about her amazing career as a famous pianist and composer. 


Los Angeles Tribune


delilah graphic.png


Weekly Music Express

International Diva and super talented pianist ‘Marina Arsenijevic’ releases beautiful new songs in the form of ‘Delilah’ and ‘My Beauty’


Bazaar Interview

Marina Arsenijevic interviews for Bazaar Magazine.


JUNE 28, 2020

Tri tačke: Marina Arsenijević

APRIL, 2020

FLVR Radio interview

Marina Arsenijevic (born 1970) is a Serbian-born American pianist and composer who also goes by the professional name "Marina". She is known for playing on a transparent piano, (...)



SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

Interview for "Politika" 

Marina interviews for Lepa i Srecna magazine about this that and the other things.


JULY 6, 2018

Knight of Saint Sava

On May 29th 2018, in a ceremony conferring honors on those who deserved high diplomatic recognition, Marina was elevated by Deputy Serbian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to a “Knight of the St. Sava Order of Diplomatic Pacifism” , (Vitez svetosavskog pacifizma) for her work in promoting Serbian culture and traditions through her mission of “Unity Through Diversity”.

JULY 3, 2018

Interview for "Vecernje Novosti"

Marina interviews for Lepa i Srecna magazine about this that and the other things.

JUNE 19 2018

Glorija Magazin



Uniting Humanity 
through Music

Marina Arsenijevic praises the United States for allowing her — a foreigner — to perform with two iconic West Point musical groups, spreading (...)